Argument for the Existence of an Absolute

[This is an idea for an argument for the existence of the absolute that I have mapped out.]

Any attempt at defining knowledge already assumes a definition of knowledge.

(all words require concepts
all concepts require knowledge
a definition depends on words)

Knowledge as knowledge means that philosophy starts with self-referentiality.

Reality is composed of knowledge.

Reality is a tautology.

(Anything that happens within reality is true because knowledge cannot be false)

Since reality functions and is valid, it must be complete

Reality as a system is infinitely complex.
(An infinite amount of propositions)

Reality is incomprehensible as a whole.

No formal system of reality can be complete.

Transcendence is required for reality to be complete.

Some knowledge exists outside reality.

Reality cannot be transcendent.

Reality requires an outside source of transcendence. 

An outside source of transcendence is an absolute.

Reality exists.

The absolute exists.


  1. This is an updated version of the argument that is much better than the original.


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