MUH-Incompleteness Argument for the Existence of an Absolute

[This is an idea for an argument for the existence of the absolute that I have mapped out.]


(1) The original Mathematical Universe Hypothesis is valid.

(2) Godel's Incompleteness Theorems are true.


(1) Incomprehensible: Impossible to completely understand.

(2) Transcendence: One construct or entity contains all possible worlds.

(3) Absolute: A structure that is transcendent.

(4) Real Reality: The mathematical universe.


If the Incompleteness Theorems and MUH are both valid in real reality, then in order for the formal mathematical structure to be complete it must contain an infinite number of axioms.

If men can only comprehend limited quantities, then a formal system of infinite axioms is necessarily partially incomprehensible.

If real reality has an infinite amount of axioms, then all possibilities for other worlds are contained within potential operations using those axioms, and universal transcendence exists.

For both the Incompleteness theorem and MUH to apply to the real world a partially incomprehensible absolute must exist. 


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